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Brian first came to The Findhorn Community in 1970 in company with a team of other artists, at the invitation of Peter and Eileen Caddy. Their specific task was to build and run three purpose designed studios for ceramics, weaving and mixed arts and crafts. By the following year '71, this was up
and running, with the pottery opening first in October that year. Brian headed the pottery team until August '72 when he felt drawn to leave in order to test his vocation to the Benedictine way of life at nearby Pluscarden Abbey. This proved not be for him and he returned to lay life in February '76.

After several years experience in teaching he had the opportunity to hone his skills as a potter during a lengthy period in USA as Potter in residence with Columcille Inc. in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. By 1990 he was ready to return to The Findhorn Pottery, where Gay Smith had been developing her own fine style and now wished to return to America to do a post graduate degree in ceramics at Penland State University.

Brian feels happy that he has been able, with the help of a succession of voluntary helpers, most especially Belia, to create a stable and ongoing business structure within which the pottery has been able to prosper and be a source of joy and inspiration to many people, whether they dedicated themselves to becoming professionals; simply worked there for a short while; or have visited and perhaps taken home a pot as a memory of their stay at Findhorn.

Further information about the current team of potters and samples of their work can be viewed by following the links to their websites.

Brian in the Pottery

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